15 Proven Ways To Have More Peaceful Life

Rest in peace. That’s a usual obituary expression. Is it a destiny for us, human, to find peace when we are already in our eternal slumber? Isn’t there any possibility to live in peace?

Too much anxiety, worry, rush, and other similar feelings are not good for you, specifically for your health and life. Working with yourself to have more peaceful, calm, undisturbed, and quiet mind is recommended.

But first, you need to acknowledge that you have a problem with those too much negative thinkings, and feelings. You can’t fix the problem without acknowledging it.

15 Proven Ways To Have More Peaceful Life

Once you acknowledge it, let’s work with the following practical guides.

1. Arrange a supporting environment.

Some suggestions are:

  • Build up your own “healing garden”. Revamp your garden, tidy it up, add a fish pond, add a small waterfall.
  • Collect all unused stuff and offer them on craigslist (short: get rid of them).
  • Download some relaxing music and play them.
  • Tidy up your surroundings regularly.
  • Do clean as you go.
  • Make a schedule to do deeper cleaning.
  • Put on your favorite aromatherapy.
  • Reconsider moving to more quiet and calm area.
  • Ensure:
    – your A/C works fine.
    – your fireplace working fine.
    – no problem with your plumbing.
    – your surroundings free of germs, at least on bedrooms.
    – there is no leak in the roof.
    – the security of your home and its surroundings.

2. Pay off the debt or avoid it at all cost.

Debt should be the next thing to concern. With a piled up debt or even worse: a debt that keeps piling up, don’t expect to have a peaceful life.

Put efforts to settle it soon. Work with a trusted financial advisor and creditor to find the best solution for your debt.

Make efforts to stop the bleeding too. Simplify your consumption, cut off some costs, avoid to purchase luxuries, and fasten the belt till it’s settled.

3. Avoid multitasking.

There is no joy in doing a multitask. Productivity level will be severe dropped. Instead, put on 100% attention and focus on an item, until it’s finished. Better to accomplish a few items with excellent quality than accomplish many items with severe quality.

Accomplishing something with excellent quality will surely bring a joy, and lead to more peaceful mind.

4. Learn to say “no” respectfully.

It is impracticable to please everyone, every stakeholder. It is just unfeasible. Learn to say “no” respectfully.

Just say “no” with a respected smile. Give some logical reasons why you said so.

The better you do this, the more peaceful your life.

5. Tame the wandering mind.

It is very difficult to find peace in a life when your mind keeps wandering somewhere. Either wandering to the past tor trying to predict the worse chance of the future. Take a look at this articles how to deal with your wandering mind.

6. Write up your thinkings.

Still, find it hard to tame your own mind? Write anything come up to your mind. Save it somewhere, and watch if those thinkings become a reality. Chances are, they are not.

7. Build up an inner peace.

Personally, I build it through doing any activities mindfully. Even you are doing a mundane task like washing the dish on the counter, make sure to do it mindfully.

Doing it will help you to build an inner peace independently.

8. Avoid violence at all cost.

Always seek for peaceful channels first. Avoid any violence will not only help you to live more peaceful life but also reduce any potential future problems.

Keep it in mind: it is better to evade someone rather than crush with him or her in violence. Less adversary, more peace.

Even if there is already a problem, seek for the way of reconciliation.

9. Learn to forgive, let go of revenge.

Revenge is endless. Forgive it with love. Seriously, do the best effort to forgive and reconcile. A true forgiveness will lift up most of weight from your shoulder and heart.

10. Patience.

Patience is one of major factor. The ability to control the anger plays a major role here. Acquire these guides to start the journey towards being a more patient person.

11. Gratefulness

Keep demanding will lead to an opposite path. Failure to appreciate will do the same. Gratefulness, in turn, will interrupt your anxiety and worries, bring you a joyful feeling.

Here are practical guides towards more gratefulness:
Nine usual things to be more grateful for.
Ten benefits when you have more gratefulness.
Guide to be always grateful for the day.

12. Slower.

Always do your activities slower, with more mindfulness. This will minimize the chance of low quality work and need you to go back revising it.

13. Let go the urge to control others.

Just let it go. It is impossible to control others behavior. Instead, try to control them, just watch and observe.

Shut down the expectation to hope others doing things you wish.

You may be able to tell your subordinates or kids what they should do and should not. But you will find a hard time to control other people behaviors.

14. Reconsider your commitments.

Do those commitments eat you up? Are they bringing benefits to you, other than financial one? Are they eating up your bedtime?

15. Avoid being influenced online.

Not everything you read or heard online is the truth. Most are curated to gain popularity. Most even add some spices to boost the influence. Keep yourself sane.