15 simple things you can do to live your life healthier

These are some simple things you can do to live your life healthier ways. Got sick is a pain. You need to endure the pain and it cost you a lot, both physically and psychologically. If you can live with your healthier lifestyle, though it’s not guaranteed you to be always in health, that will help you to improve your health and you will be less likely infected by any diseases.

1. Quit smoking or avoid any people who are smoking (not in offense way, of course)

This is not a suggestion to avoid any of your loved ones but just avoid them when they’re smoking (lightning their cigarettes on). If you’re already smoking, try your best to quit it and leave it. I have a friend who is diagnosed with heart disease even he already quitted smoking about ten years ago. The doctor diagnosed his heart failure because of the effect when he was smoking several days ago.

2. Do physical activities regularly (or daily if possible)

You don’t have to do heavy lifting or extreme sports. Personally, I just do morning walk when I had a chance. It’s about three or four days in a week where I can do a morning walk. I walk for about 45 minutes each morning on those days. You can choose your own but be sure to do it regularly even you do it in just five minutes a day.

3. Eat unprocessed foods

If possible, don’t eat a processed or junk foods. Always try to cook your meal when your condition permits it. You can eat various foods. All foods are healthy when you don’t consume them in very high doses (much higher than your body can take). You can experiment this on your own or ask your doctor.

4. Drink pure water ( if possible )

Instead of drinking coffee, tea, beer, or any of soft drink, try to get pure water for intake. Pure and fresh water is delicious and healthy to consume.

5. Get enough sleep

Try to sleep at least seven hours daily. Try to notice the quality of your sleep. Also get enough rest after doing a work. You deserve for a rest after doing a work, even a bit of rest.

6. Avoid overwork

Recently, you can hear that there are some people under 30 years old, who passed away because of high intense stress due to their overwork. Work as stated in your contract and try to refuse the offer to do overwork politely. It may be tempting to get more paychecks but once you lost your health, those additional paychecks won’t help at all. This will help to reduce your blood pressure. Don’t let your mind rushing up. Even your body is not in a rush, rushing mind can make your blood pressure higher than it should be. Try to get slower and relax both your mind and your body.

7. Stop worrying too much

Stop trying to predict and stop thinking about the worst case. Just prepare yourself, and let go. Too many things are not in your control. Try to always stay in the present moment.

8. Stop drinking or drink less alcohol (avoid it if you can)

Too much alcohol is not good for your body. Unless you are really in a condition to drink it, such a birthday party of relatives or friends, then try to avoid it. It will save you from alcohol addictions. You don’t want to stay in rehab because of addictions, do you?

9. Keep yourself and environment neat and clean

This will help you have a peaceful mind. You can clean anything as you go, for example when you are cooking and wait for the foods, you can clean the cabinets instead of doing nothing or being busy with your smartphones. However, again, you should let go the feelings to make everything clean as you wish. If you can’t let it go, you will be more stressful.

10. Spend more times outside, in nature.

Instead of sitting inside in front of your devices to play games or working all along, just go outside. Look for around and spend more of your times in nature if your condition permits. This will help you relax both of your body and mind.

11. Try to get fresh air and avoid polluted one.

You can get up earlier to breath-in the fresh air. Prepare a mask and use it when you go through or working in the places where the air is polluted. In the long run, it’s known that polluted things can boost the chance of cancer and lungs problems.

12. Always try to get breakfast in the morning.

If you are always missing the breakfast and get late breakfast, then you need to consider rising earlier so you had time to grab your breakfast before starting your activities for the rest of the day. Ignoring your stomach growling can increase the chance to have stomach problems.

13. Get enough natural fruits and vegetable intake.

No need to be a vegetarian or even a vegan, but getting enough fruits and vegetable intake will help your digestive system to work smoothly. If you don’t like most vegetables (many people do, including me in the past), then see the next thing.

14. Consume vitamins and food supplements ( consult with the doctor first )

Ask the doctor if you need vitamins or any food supplements to maintain your health. Beware that there are some peoples who are selling you a vitamin or food supplement that you may don’t need it. So be sure to ask the doctor or nutrition expert for this kind of stuff.

15. The last one: let go and don’t be so afraid about your health

At some point, you may get influenza or suffered any mild illness. That’s fine and let it go. If needed, see and consult the doctor. We are all humans, we just need to do our best to live healthier and let go of the rest.

Disclaimer: Those things above are not medical advice and won’t help you to cure any of diseases.

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