9 simple things to help you be more grateful

Those are the simple things to help you be more grateful┬áto live your life in the more graceful way. Being more grateful will reduce your anxiety, help you to let go the urge to have or buy something you want (but you don’t need), and help you to live your life in the more healthy way.

9 simple things to help you be more grateful

1. Breath.

Try to notice your breath. Either when you’re breathing-in or breathing-out. Notice it without any judgment, just notice and feel it. Then realize that you are still can breathe. You are still alive. There are many others who did not have the chance to still alive for the time being. They passed away for various reasons. So you should be grateful for the given life to you. It is invaluable present.

2. Health.

Try to notice your body. Try to notice how your hands feel, how your foots feel when they’re touching the ground. I bet you are reading this from home or office or train or anywhere which means you’re healthy. You can do your daily activities. Think of others who are treated in rehabs or hospitals, and you will be grateful because you’re fully healthy.

3. Food.

You had access to the internet, so you must not be the worry to pay for foods on your table. Enjoy it gratefully. There are still many other peoples on the other side of the earth who were still starving.

4. Outfit.

Look at your wardrobe when you’re home. I bet there are many outfits there. You already had outfits you want. Remember the feeling when you got them for the first time. Be grateful that you had them.

5. Shelter.

Either home, apartments, or flats, you had a place to go back to work. You already had fulfilled the three basic needs for life: food, outfits, and shelters. Think of others who did not have shelters yet. Either they can’t afford it or they haven’t found the one that meets their requirement.

6. Internet.

You have access to the internet. You have access to all required devices needed to connect to the internet: smartphones, laptops, internet connection. There are still other people who don’t have access to the internet, especially those who live in third-world countries.

7. Families.

You had them, and you love them. They also love you. Either your wife, kids, your aged parents, you still had them. Think of them and appreciate them while they are still there with all your loves.

8. Cars.

See the car you own. Maybe you have more than one car? Be grateful for them. Not many people can drive their own car because they simply can’t afford to buy it.

9. Get up and walk.

Be grateful that you can walk without having to depend on a stick. Look at the outside, try to go there and observe things you saw. You can see them. You are not blind, you have fully healthy eyes and you have a fully healthy foots so you can walk through them.

Those things on the list can go on, but you had the main idea. Try to notice the basic and simple things when you are usually ignoring them. It will help you to feel more grateful, reduce your anxiety, tame your wandering mind or over-thinking one?