How to be a more patient person?

Do you often feel in hurry? Do you often notice your mind keep rushing for something though when you think about it again, the things you’re pushing for is not that urgent? Here are some tips and tricks how to deal with the rushing mind and tame it so you can feel more relaxed in your life, and How to be a more patient person

1.Let it go.

First, you need to learn how to let it go. For example, I was stuck in a traffic jam on last weekend. During the stuck, I will have two choices: to drive in hurry and be the aggressive driver or let it go and stay calm to enjoy my driving. Both choices had its own consequences.

If I chose the first choice, then I will likely have those consequences:

  • Being hit by other cars.
  • Speed up to burn up all the gas I have left in the tank.
  • Speed up to exhaust all the engine components.
  • Caught up by the police.
  • The increase of stress and anxiety.


  • I learned more about self-control
  • I trained to be a more patient person.
  • Blood pressure can stay steady (which will reduce other health problems)
  • Live more peaceful. Because I won’t have any problem with anyone on the road.
  • … the list also can go on here.

From my experience above, you can see that letting something go is the key to tame your rushing mind. Still relating to the story above, after waiting for less than five minutes, the traffic jam is solved. The traffic became smooth again. But the moment which is less than five minutes were really crucial (at least for me).

2. Think more before rushing out.

Have a hard time to let it go? Then, you need to think more about it again, before doing or giving any reaction to your current situation. In other words, you need to pause yourself and stop for a while, then think and recognize it deeper. Ask yourself such questions:

  • What are the consequences I can face for each reaction I will give?
  • Will someone dying if I do not hurry up?
  • Is it really worth: the risk compared to the result you got?

By asking those questions to yourself and your answers to them, you can choose better reaction instead of keeping rushing and hurrying — which there is high chance you will miss many things behind.

Another example case: you wake up late and you are rushing for a flight. Before you are rushing for it, think about it more for even one or two minutes. Is it really worth for the risk when you are rushing to it? can you arrive on time even you are rushing? even if you can arrive on time with a rush, are you sure you’re not missing anything to bring with you? or is it better to skip it and buy the ticket for next flight? You decide.

3.Think of alternatives, for the future.

Learn about your current situation. Then think about the alternatives. Alternatives are very specific for a case. For missing flights case, one of alternative is trying to start anything earlier, including to wake yourself up earlier. For traffic jam case, one of alternative is using GPS or choose different available routes. There can be still other alternatives for each case.

Though it requires sometimes or days or even months to be more patient. There is a proverb that times is the most precious resource. There are some truths behind it. If you keep trying, and trying over the time, you will eventually become a more patient person. However, don’t expect it instantly. Be patient with the process.

If you can’t even be patient with your process to be a more patient person, how can’t you be the one?