How to live in the present

This is another simple and practical guide how to live in the present moment. It is important to really live in the present moment so you can really enjoy and appreciate it, and you will be really observing it and missing much less. This does not mean you have to abandon your plan for future or a memento from beloved ones who already passed away. You can keep them, but you should not be over-thinking about them.

1. Be grateful.

The first thing you can do to really live in the present moment is appreciate it gratefully. If you felt you are not a grateful enough, you can try these simple things to help you being more grateful

2. Slow down.

Are you always in a rush? Think about it again if you really need to rush and speed up. Will be your beloved ones dying if you don’t rush? I bet they won’t. I can even say that there will be no one died when you are not in rush. So try to slow down yourself. Especially try to slow down your rushing mind. This will need practice, but it is doable. One of the simplest ones you can try to slow down is when you’re waking up in the morning. Try to wake up earlier so you have more times to slow down. Wake up slowly and gently and notice its sensation, and enjoy it. Quick tips when you’re already in a rush:┬átake a deep breath and really notice it.

3. Pay more attention to surrouding.

See how is: your garden, the scene outside your office window, the weather outside. Again, do all of these slower so you can really be in the present moment while looking at them.

4. Do one thing at one time.

Avoid multitasking when you can. I know sometimes this seems impossible when you are working on a very tight deadline. Thus, try to manage your works and activities in a way you can do one thing at one time, and really do that thing with 100% attention. This will free you up from worrying when you have completed it.

5. Tame your wandering mind.

This will relate to practicing a mindfulness. One of simplest thing you can do to tame your wandering mind (either worrying about future or thinking about the past), is gently noticing your breath. Just notice when you are breathing in and breathing out. No need to judge or change your breathing interval. Just notice it and really feel the sensation.

6. Let go the urge to control everything.

We all are just a human being. There are many things which are not in our control. Weather, traffic jam, how will be in future, how the world will turn too, how people acts and behave, and so on. Those are just a few examples we tried to control. Trying to have control over those things will just hurt your mind, make you more stress, more worry and had more other bad feelings. So, just let go this urge. Allow those uncontrolled things to happen as they are. Instead, focus on the things you have control which is your mind and body. This will be less stress, and when you can really let go to control everything, you will feel more content and joyful, and less worrying. Just enjoy your present time and don’t think too much about those things.

7. Pay more attention to your beloved ones (so go offline!)

You don’t have to stay up online in front of your laptop, computer or even on your iPhone. I already saw many families gathered up and had dinner together at a restaurant but none of them really there, none of them are in present. Each of them always looked on their own phone. There are very few direct communications among them. Their attention, mind, and focus are on the things on their phone. Sounds familiar? Be really in the present when you are with your beloved ones, give your full attention to them. If needed, try to make a deal with everyone to shut down their phone when you all are gathered for doing activities together.

We do really need internet, iPhone, and others. But don’t let those stuff be on your way to really live in the present moment. When you work, do really work. When you eat, do really eat. Even when you are playing a game on iPhone or iPad, do really play it ( I know this can be the easiest one ), when you are doing together activities with families like having a lunch or dinner wherever it is, do really with them.