Reversing myopia story

Below, are my own reversing myopia story (or I should say, the beginning of my journey). Before you go through this, please bear in your mind: this story is not a personal medical advice. You have no obligation to follow my journey.

But if you are inspired or even motivated by this, then I am happy for you.

Again, you had no obligation to trust me, believe me, or to follow my journey. It is mine ūüôā

Nearly 40% of U.S population had myopia

That is the result I saw when I searched for What percentage of people are nearsighted? Regardless its accuracy, it is quite worrying at least for me.

I started using a pair of glasses since 15 years ago when I was in my last year at my junior high school. I already started with -3,00 for both eyes with severe astigmatism -0.75. Not long after that (probably in around 1-2 years – can’t remember exactly), when my father took me for eyes testing again, the test confirmed that my myopia was worsening. I needed to wear -5,00 eyeglasses for both eyes.

The cause of my myopia was clear. I always read comic books in hours, without taking a map even just for seconds. My parents, at that time already warned me but I usually ignored it.

Since that time, I always worry about my eyes but some people always say that I can get a laser surgery when I reached 25. That relieves me and I completely forgot about my myopia.

I always think that using eye-glasses is normal. Other people used it too. The fact that there are more and more people around me use glasses to makes me think: it’s okay, more and more people are using glasses too.

But recently I found out my thoughts were wrong. Wearing eyeglasses and had laser surgery when you already had used too thick glasses is not normal. Normally, you should be able to see clearly at distance without putting on a pair of glasses.

Until some months ago — can’t remember how exactly, but probably around 2-3 months ago — I hear my inner voice to take off my glasses when I did not need to see things very clear. Examples are when I:

  • walked through with families in shopping centers. Seriously, I am not interested to see things there very clear there.
  • had a breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • weed or watering the garden.
  • took a shower.

Then, when I browse over the internet I suddenly found a web page that resonates me. Honestly, I was very skeptical about any kind of ways to treat or even reduce and cure any myopia except the medical ones like wearing glasses or having a laser surgery or got contact lenses. But when I wrote what Holly Tse wrote on her blog here, a voice resonates to my head.

Isn’t it similar what my parents told me many years ago?

To be precise: Spend time outside, preferably in nature where you can see far away so your eyes will get relaxed.

I remembered from a lesson during the elementary or junior high school that when we see something close, our eyes muscles will be in contraction state. Otherwise, when we saw something far, our eyes muscles will be in relaxation state. Too much contraction will cause our eyes muscles unable to relax to the point where we can see clearly in distance over the times.

Do take a break when you’re doing close work. Either in front of computer, smartphones, tablets, laptops or even reading comic books!

So at that point, I decided and tried the following things in my daily life:

  • ¬†Limit my close work to 6 hours a day in maximum. Fyi, I work as a remote web developer/programmer.
  • ¬†Take a break after some minutes looking at the computers or laptops, by seeing other things in distances (as far as possible).
  • ¬†Stop to play games on smartphones.
  • ¬†Spend time outside by walking around in the countryside each morning near our home (when the condition permits)
  • Take off my glasses when I am not driving a car or working in front of a laptop.
  • Let go the feeling to see everything in clear (because I don’t need it actually), and just enjoy and relax to see things in blurry. Yes, it may sound funny.

Now that I have done those things around 2 months (or 3 months — can’t remember it precisely), I notice something strange when I see something without putting on my glasses: those blurry things seems bolder. Everything seems bolder.

I just ignored it first. I thought it may be my suggestion or maybe it’s because the sun rays are intense. Then overtimes (or weeks), I notice the things also getting bolder in the evening or nights. I used to see everything¬†in blurry when I put off my glasses, but it’s a bit strange those blurry things now seems bolder to me.

I still ignored it until I noticed when I wore my -5,00 glasses I felt something strange.

My inner voice said this is unusual and I need to check my eyes. Things seem too “clear”¬†¬†and too “bold” (literally). It doesn’t feel comfortable to see things like this with glasses on.

Some days later, I decide to go to an optometrist nearby to do eyes testing again. And seriously, this is my first eyes testing after my last eyes testing in around 12 or 13 years ago! The result of the test was I need to replace my eyes glasses with -4.75 and -0.5 cylinders (formerly -5.00 and 0.75/1 cylinders). The optometrist confirmed my current glasses is too heavy now.

Here is my eyes prescription back in 2014, when I was getting married. My mother asked me to buy new stylish glasses. But at that time, I bought this new stylish glasses without going through eyes checking or testing.</p

My eyes prescription in 2014

You can see it clearly, in 2014 I was:

  • -5.00 with -0.75 cylinder for right eye
  • -5.00 with -1.00 cylinder for left eye

I believe that my actual eye prescription is worse than that. Why? Because that prescription was just copying from my existing eyeglasses which I already used since many years before 2014!

And below is my eyes prescription in this year 2017, after I did some efforts I mentioned above for 2-3 months (can’t remember exactly, sorry!)

My eyes prescription in 2017

You can see it clearly, now I am:

  • -4.75 with -0.50 cylinder for right eye
  • -4.75 with -0.50 cylinder for left eye

Not quite a significant improvement, I know. Just in case you want it to compare each other directly, here is the picture for both of my eyes prescriptions above

Comparison of my eyes prescription in 2014 vs 2017

Sorry if the picture is a bit blurry or not of high quality. I am also on my journey to reduce my smartphone times, so I trade in my high-end phone with a low-end Android phone.

I haven’t yet seen an eye doctor so I can’t confirm this yet:¬†if my myopia is actually reversing medically. But the fact that optometrist confirmed my former glasses is too heavy now, means that I need to wear glasses with lower prescription now ( -0.25 lower ). Please don’t take the story above as medical advice. It is not a medical advice and is not guaranteed to cure your myopia.

I plan to do eyes testing again in around 6 months from now, which should be around 2018, April 9 if I notice something else when I saw something without glasses. Either I need to replace my glasses again with lower prescription or higher prescription or no need to replace, I will update it below this post. And again,¬†don’t take the story above as medical advice. It is not a medical advice and is not guaranteed to cure your myopia.

I am not an eye guru or similar things. I am not providing any coaches or courses.

All of us do know those eyes remedies since we were kids. However, most of us ignoring it, or even refuse to believe it (including myself) because we love our online activities, we do love to browse the internet with our phones and tablet.

About my eyes: I haven’t noticed any further improvements but I am grateful enough. I am grateful that at least my eyes prescription was not getting worse and worse.

In case you are curious why I haven’t done such eyes testing for very long times interval (almost 13 years!): Honestly, it is because I am too scared. I am too scared and I do worry if my eyes were getting worse and worse.