Why becoming minimalist will not surely help your financial life

There are many guides or suggestions that you should convert and follow the minimalist path. Decluttering most of your stuff and just leave very few you really need. Sell many of them if possible, put off your projects or jobs and just did one or very few ones. While this may help in the front, this will not surely help in the long run. There are just too many barriers that cause minimalist won’t help you.

This because even you can bear with minimalist living, you can’t assure your beloved ones will follow the path faithfully. Especially, with so many offers and deals out there, with the latest iPhone is being launched, with so many other cool stuff being advertised anywhere and anytime.


Why becoming minimalist will not surely help your financial life
New iPhone is cool, isn’t it?


Unnecessary hatred

When you are on a minimalist path and started to get obsessed with it, you will start having hatred towards stuff. Furthermore, there is a probability that those minimalists will hate their job and tried to live like a monk. This may work if you’re living alone without family. If this is your condition, then have it your way. But when you already had families whose depends on you, you need to re-think about becoming minimalist again. Else, you will just get into another financial problem: lack of money because you don’t want to work at all or you just want to work in very minimal since it should be minimalist.


Back to consumerism path?

Then the question is: should we just follow the other way around? Follow consumerism path, by all (or almost all) the cool stuff we want even we don’t need it? This path will make you in worse financial life in much faster. We all know this. Buying and shopping unconsciously and then got surprised when you check the credit card statements by the end or the beginning of next month: the bills got much higher and you need to pay them all. You will end up with getting the loan and finally started to pile up the debt. It will make you even more stressful in the long run.

If you always spend too much (more than 60%) of your paycheck just for cool stuff you just want it (though you actually did not need it for that time being) then you need to try some guides to reduce that kind of expense. The same thing you should do when you had to work too hard, always happily work overtime because you feel you need more and more. It is not healthy for working too much.



However, if you already live frugally or even stingy (no offense, I was one of this too in the past) then you will need to start to learn how to be more grateful on what you had. Spending more is fine too as long as it did not get you on the path for piling up a debt. Eventually, when we all passed away we don’t need the money anymore. Thus, enjoying them in a healthy way is good.

The key is the balance between those two poles. Between living frugally or living luxury. When you’re too much into one of them, you will surely add more problem in your financial life. When you’re in a center between of them and you’re in balance, you’re going to feel content and grateful.